Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hula Girl Beverages

Another weekend with another Oakland layover and another trip to BevMo. This time I found a 4 pack of Hula Girl Cocktails mixed in between all the beers and wine coolers. The bottles and packaging were so cool I had to buy a 4 pack.

I tried the Moonlight Mai Tai. Basically it's just sugar water, food coloring and a little alcohol. I found it to be sickeningly sweet. So I don't recommend it if you want a decent drink. If you buy it, buy it for the cool packaging and not much else. I'm going to find a place to display the bottles.
They do have a pretty good website. It has a store where they sell everything from beach towels, to t-shirts, to artwork. Some of that stuff might be worth having but don't expect much from their actual product.


  1. Cool! I must admit.. I will buy a six pack of beer if it's tiki or polynesian themed. Nice post! You've inspired me to do a few posts like this with beer!!

  2. I threw a Luau Themed party this weekend (despite the horrible weather- ugh!) and saw your post about these drinks as a great addition for decoration. Soooo.... I decided to add a little color to my tables and made them as center pieces. During the party we cracked the drinks open and gave them a try. My Hula Guests and I discovered a few things I wanted to add to your comments. When the drinks are served at room temperature, they do taste sweet. But when you poor them over ice, or even blend them- slushy style- they taste AWESOME! In fact, after blending them, we all agreed that was the best way to serve them. I just used my magic bullet to blend them. The other thing we noticed was that after two drinks, we started feeling "buzzed" How could this be if they were "sugar water" we all wondered? Well, upon doing a little research today, I learned that these drinks are made with REAL rum and that most other mixed cocktails bought in a bottle at the store are made with malt liquor. Yes, MALT LIQUOR! Man do I feel like I've been getting ripped off over the years! LOL Anyhow, we really enjoyed these drinks, and everyone had their favorite flavor. Mine is the green one, I think it's called Wild Wahine or something like that. But many of my guests said they were going to go get some on their own. I told them you found them at Bev Mo and that's where I got mine. Do you know if there is any other place they can get them? Thanks for the tip, it really spruced up my rainy day Luau! :)



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