Monday, September 7, 2009

Smoke Tiki Lounge

Last night I had a layover in San Jose California.  I checked out a Tiki Bar called Smoke Tiki Lounge/Smokehouse.  Many thanks to Tim, Loretta, and Kelly for accompanying me.  I'm  jealous of Kelly as he has actually been to Easter Island.
We all ordered 1 item off of the Happy Hour menu to share.  Our 4 selections were Smoked Wings, Mac & Cheese, Chicken Quesadilla, and Onion Rings.  Everything was very good, and the Quesadilla and the Smoked Wings were especially good.  We didn't order anything off of the regular menu but it had a lot of Barbeque type items on it.  If the smoked wings were any indication of how the barbeque is here, I would highly recommend it.
We didn't order any tropical drinks, so I can't say how well they mix them up, but I can say that the service was great.

The music, for me, left something to be desired.  Lots of Reggae and Hip Hop, with some classic stuff by The Clash thrown in.  No Exotica, or Hawaiian music.  They did have a nice outdoor area with a stage and they often have live bands playing.

If you are in San Jose, it will be worth your time, and money to check this place out.

Smoke Tiki Lounge/Smokehouse
152 Post Street
San Jose, CA
(408) 292-4266


  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by and writing about us. Hope to see you in there again. After reading your blog, I started checking out exotica. I'm listening to Les Baxter right now. Cool suggestion.

    Christian (I'm one of the new owners of Smoke Tiki)

  2. Hi, Christian,

    Wow. It's pretty cool to hear from an owner. I had a good time at Smoke. Next time I'm in San Jose I'll say hello.


  3. That place looks awesome! I WISH we had something HALF as good in northern Colorado! If I pass through San Jose on my next trip to Cali, I'm definitely going to stop in (hopefully during happy hour)



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